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Alexander Hankoff

"NYChapters: Jerry"
Director/Executive Producer/Cinematographer
Director and Cinematographer Alexander Hankoff be- gan his career directing and shooting commercials for fashion and beauty brands such as Nike, Dior and Estée Lauder where he developed his cinematic sensibilities and unorthodox approach to advertising. The filmmaker has earned a reputation for a stripped down cinematic aesthetic and honesty in the performances of his actors.
Alexander’s new documentary series “NYChapters” recently re- ceived attention from The Atlantic Monthly’s editor picks, inspir- ing a feature length expansion concentrating on one of the se- ries’ subjects Brian “Monkey” Northam. Production of “The Long Ride” began in the Spring of 2016.
Most recently, the cinematographer was recognized for his unique approach for “Yellow” in the Short Takes section of American Cinematographer magazine’s March 2016 issue.