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Marco J. Riedl

Keeper of the Past (Wächter der Spieluhr)
Marco J. Riedl is a director, screenwriter and cinematographer. When he watched his first feature “King Kong” on the big screen at age seven, he knew film would be his life. Between 1996 and 2002 he worked as a TV cameraman shooting various news and documentaries for regional and national German TV-Stations such as SAT.1, RTL 2 and Pro 7. In 2001, a personal invitation from DP Michael Ballhaus gave Marco the extraordinary opportunity to look over this Hollywood-Veteran’s shoulder on the set of ”Gangs of New York”. In 2003 he became a student of cinematography at the FH-Dortmund. ”On Air” (screenplay, cinematographer and director) was Marco J. Riedl’s first short film screenplay, which was shot in 2009. It was followed by “Not Worth a Bullet” (producer, screenplay and cinematographer), and ”Quirk of Fate” (screenplay, co-cinematographer and director) with the German star ensemble Katharina Wackernagel und Wotan Wilke Möhring in 2010. Both films were supported by the German NRW Filmboard. Marco J. Riedl’s “On Air” won the renown German “Shocking Short Award 2010”. In 2011 he went on to the Universal Filmmasters Programm at the Universal Studios, Hollywood. Shortly after he started writing “On Air” — The Feature (a.k.a. “Radio Silence”) which was Marco J. Riedls Debut as DP, screenwriter and director, and finally completed March 2014. ”Radio Silence” aka “On Air” screened at numerous international Horror & Thriller Festivals and won several awards. “Keeper of the Past” was financially supported by the German NRW Filmboard, just like his other films before.