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Vadim Lasca

Vadim Lasca Orsini is a Venezuelan Director, Writer and Editor born in Moscow, Russia, on October 9, 1974.Coming from a musicians and performing artists family, he began musical studies at conservatories and children’s theatre groups in an early age.Upon completion of high school he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he studied Filmmaking at the Institute of Cinematographic Arts of Avellaneda.He was professor of Audiovisual and Film in various Institutes of Higher Education in Caracas.He has served as Director of music videos, commercials, corporate and institutional videos in Albur, a Production Company co-founded by him, achieving significant recognitions at national and international level. As Music Video Director, he works for artists like Mata Rica, Jump, Malanga, Majarete Sound Machine, Francisco León, Karina, Desorden Público, etc.

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Saturday, November 19