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Wednesday, November 16 • 12:40pm - 2:10pm
Collegiate Shorts - 2016 (90m)

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COLLEGIATE SHORTS (80 m program)
Films include:

Collegiate Documentary
“Atomic Retro Customs: The Electric Guitars of Matt Nowicki” directed by Wei Ying and Geoff Groberg (9m, USA) 2015
“A Young Nation: The Future of Oman Through the Eyes of its Youth” directed by Hannah Gaber (22m, USA) 2016
“A Working Definition” directed by Kayla Hashimoto (10m, USA) 2016

Collegiate Fiction
“Everything Will Work Out Just Fine!” (“Alles Renkt Sich Wieder Ein!”) directed by Gabriel Sahm (25m, Germany) 2015
“Jewish Blind Date” directed by Anaelle Morf (16m, Switzerland) 2015
“The Silence” by Artur Boruzs (7m, Romania) 2015

Atomic Retro Customs: The Electric Guitars of Matt Nowicki
(USA) In English
(2015) 9 min. (16:9)

DIR Wei Ying, Geoff Groberg, PRO Wei Ying, Geoff Groberg, SCR , DP , EDIT , MUS , CAST Matt Nowicki

Matt Nowicki is a luthier in North Carolina building electric guitars that have become famous for their retro designs and custom details. This short documentary explores his process for constructing electric guitars and the inspiration behind his designs: classic science fiction and old-world craftsmanship.

A Young Nation: The Future of Oman Through the Eyes of its Youth
(USA) In English
(2016) 22 min. (16:9)

DIR Hannah Gaber, PRO Hannah Gaber, SCR Hannah Gaber, DP Hannah Gaber, ED Hannah Gaber, MUS Hannah Gaber, CAST Mahmood Al Zadjali, Khadija Al Belushi, Zulfa Al Battashi, Abdullah Al Hajri, Mohammed Al Wahaibi, Fatma Bahwan, Khalid Al Haribi, JE Peterson, Shabib al-Ma’amri, Ahmed Albadi, Saif Al Qassabi, Mohammed Hamood Alzakwani, Hamood Hamid Alzakwani, Mohammed bin Hamdan al Siyabi, Aysha Albadi, Khaula Al Harthy, David Dunford

This 20-minute documentary records youth in Oman addressing looming economic issues with entrepreneurship. The idea of entrepreneurship is new in the oil-rich Gulf nation, and the youth have many forces working against them, including the conservative nature of their society and their own mixed feelings about how much Western culture they really want to emulate. But they agree that they want Oman’s modern legacy of peacefulness, stability and friendliness to other nations, including Iran, Saudi Arabia and the U.S., to continue. Whether this is possible as their heirless sultan of 45 years approaches 80 depends on those who are in their youth now. Produced, shot and edited independently, the film meets those youth and some of their ideas, hopes, and plans for the future.

A Working Definition
(USA) In English
(2016) 10 min. (16:9)

DIR Kayla Hashimoto, PRO , SCR Kayla Hashimoto, DP , EDIT , MUS , CAST

A fleeting, fragmented, look into association, attachment, and meaning. Using an array of accounts and mediums, this film explores an enigmatic idea that we often overlook; one that is painted by nostalgia, intertwined with change, and synonymous with belonging - home.

Everything will Work out Just Fine!
(Alles Renkt Sich Wieder Ein!)
(Germany) In  with English subtitles
(2015) 25 min. (2.35:1)

DIR Gabriel Sahm, PRO , SCR , DP , EDIT , MUS , CAST

Everything will work out just fine! portrays Germany in crisis and Schulze, who, amongst the collapsing world around him, is set on correcting a petty mistake on his tax return form.

Jewish Blind Date (Blind Date à la Juive)
(Switzerland) In French with English subtitles
(2015) 16 min. (16:9)

DIR Anaëlle Morf, PRO Dreampixies / ECAL, SCR Anaëlle Morf, DP Tangi Zahn, ED Souliman Schelfout, MUS , CAST Estelle Darnault, Axel Fernandez, Joëlle Séchaud, Raphaël Vachoux

Unhappy in love, Mary Lou decides to reconnect with her religious roots by marrying a practicing Jew. In order to get married, she has to pass the Shidduch test, which will determine whether her life will be a success or failure.

The Silence (Tacerea)
(Romania) In Romanian with English subtitles
(2015) 7 min. (16:9)

DIR Artur Boruzs, PRO Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography, SCR Gabriela Ionescu, DP Matei Sopterean, EDIT Cristian Radu, CAST Corina Dohanici, Andrei Serban

A one take film revealing the thoughts hidden behind a couples silence who get through a moment of crisis.

avatar for Anaelle Morf

Anaelle Morf

Director, Jewish Blind Date
Anaëlle Morf graduated from Ecal (University of Art and Design of Lausanne) in the film study faculty, by presenting her fiction short-film "Jewish Blind Date". She would like to continue filmmaking as it portrays her authenticity, humor and spontaneity.She’s passionate about traveling... Read More →
avatar for Artur Boruzs

Artur Boruzs

Director, The Silence (Tacerea)
Artur Boruzs student at Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography in the 3rd year of the directing class. his film “Romanesti” won Best Documentary at the 18th Cinemaiubit International Student Film Festival in 2014. It was also selected in several film festivals... Read More →
avatar for Gabriel Sahm

Gabriel Sahm

Dircetor, Everything Will Work Out Just Fine!
avatar for Geoff Groberg

Geoff Groberg

Director, Atomic Retro Customs: The Elecrtic Guitars of Matt Nowicki
Geoff Groberg lives in North Carolina and is an MFA candidate in the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University. He loves filmmaking and folk music. Part computer geek and part humanist, he believes there will always be a need for great stories about interesting people.
avatar for Hannah Gaber

Hannah Gaber

Founder, Photographer, Videographer / Director, Hannah Gaber Photography /
Director of "Young Nation: The Future of Oman Through the Eyes of its Youth", Hannah Gaber's background is photography, and she moved into video while doing her degrees in journalism and Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She spent six... Read More →
avatar for Kayla Hashimoto

Kayla Hashimoto

Director, A Working Definition
avatar for Wei Ying

Wei Ying

Director, Atomic Retro Customs: The Electric Guitars of Matt Nowicki
Wei Ying studied history at Renmin University of China and is currently an MFA candidate in the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University. She has interned at Kartemquin Films over the summer of 2016 and also has interned at Dongyang TV station as a journalist and worked... Read More →

Wednesday November 16, 2016 12:40pm - 2:10pm MST
Heritage Center - Hall A 105 N. 100 E., Cedar City, UT 84720